Memory Coach

Memory Coach

Talk to my memory coach about the activity

Main Concept

Students can talk to each other about an activity if needed

Students can seek out their Memory Coach during class time to ask them about the activity. The Memory Coach can explain in their own words the teacher’s instructions and the lesson content. This process is mutually beneficial in that, by helping someone else, students will consolidate their own learning. Teachers can use their own discretion when selecting Memory Coaches. Some suggestions are the pairing of students based on ability level, using students positioned on adjacent desks, or nominating a few students each week to help everyone.

Show students the Memory Coach icon. Ask them what is happening in the picture? Elicit general features of what a coach does. How would having a coach help you? What sort of voice does a coach use? How do you make people feel good when you help them (e.g. compliments, positive encouragement)? Where else in your life do you have a coach (e.g. sport, tutoring)?