Memory Mates introduction

“The value of talking about what is happening inside your head and sharing that with others”

Memory Mates: An introduction

Memory Mates are strategies that students can use to help remember information, follow instructions and understand questions. Students are taught and supported in using the first ten strategies: Switch On, Switch Off, Listen, Download, Picture It, Memory Coach, Link, Self Talk, Memory Supports and Time Check. These strategies focus on how students attend, learn and engage in classroom activities across key learning areas. The Forgotten? strategy is for when students become aware that they do not know what they are supposed to do.

It is intended that the Memory Mates strategies will be naturally embedded in the delivery of a variety of lessons, although research has indicated particularly strong links with numeracy and literacy tasks. Students are also encouraged to be self-reflective about their own learning and learn from each other, including how and when to utilise strategies to assist their learning and retention.

The Memory Mates intervention focuses on teaching students attention and working memory strategies to enhance the learning process, that is “how” to learn. It is then predicted that students’ academic achievements will improve, which is the “what” of learning.